Get the Help You Need With Our Wix Marketplace Partnership

Learn how we can help you elevate your brand. 
HarleyJames Consulting has partnered with Wix Marketplace to help you further your marketing efforts. Whether you need help building a Wix website, creating a logo, blog creation, or Google analytics-whatever it may be, we are proud to serve you via the Wix Marketplace. 

What is the Wix Marketplace?

The Wix Marketplace is designed for businesses and individuals who are looking to improve their web presence with Wix Partners. There are a breadth of services that partners can help you with. Such as:

Web Design

  • Advanced website

  • Classic website

  • Website redesign


Responsive Website
Keyboard and Mouse

Small Tasks

  • Connect your domain

  • Website updates

  • Install apps

  • Google analytics setup


Online Store

  • eCommerce website

  • Store settings

  • Store optimization


Online Shopping

Marketing & Promoting

  • SEO

  • Advertising (PPC)

  • Written content

  • Email marketing

Graphic Design

  • Custom logo

  • Brand development

  • Image selection

  • Image editing


Web Design

FAQs for HarleyJames Consulting’s Wix Partnership

Does my website have to be on Wix in order to get marketing help?

No! We have extensive marketing experience and are happy to help you no matter where your website is hosted.

How much does it cost to use your marketplace?

Our marketplace partnership is completely free to use. You only pay once we agree on the services to be done.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by following this link: Wix Partner | HarleyJames Consulting

How long does it take to complete the work?

This entirely depends on the services requested. Some items can take as little as 5 minutes after payment is received, other services may take up to 2 weeks. We will let you know the timeline once we have outlined the services.

Ready to get started? We’re here to help. 

Simply click the button below to be transferred to our partner page. From there, click “Get Quote”. Fill out the questionnaire and we will be in touch within a few hours. 


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