Start Here When Creating a Digital Content Strategy

Digital content has been on fire especially in the advent of social media users worldwide. In the present time, the worldwide population has been consuming on-screen content thus is considered the number 1 way to communicate with your existing audience for the product, services, and advocacies.

Considering this part, now as a business owner, we have seen the value of creating digital content to spread your message to a wider audience, not just locally but maybe globally too. Another thing to consider is, how do you strategize in curating your digital content and where do you start?

Here are some guidelines in starting your very own Digital Content Strategy.

Know your objective.

Whether it is to drive up sales, create more traffic to your website, or spreading your message, you would like to list it down to know what path and challenges that lie ahead. Your objectives and your goals will set the tone to your products and services you are offering and will create a strong foundation and clear messaging for your audience.

Vague messaging can confuse and often disappoint. So be prepared to know your goals and KPIs before starting the project in creating a strategy. Even with fantastic content, without direction, everything can go to waste.

Along with this, you should also think about your CDF or Content Differentiation Factor. What makes you different from the other brands in the market? What makes you stand out? What makes you a BETTER choice? The Internet is literally a web of options and brilliant innovations, so make sure to think of ways that can set you apart from others.

Know your story

Humanity has always been attracted to stories. This is the right time to get that clear picture of your brand story. With digital content such as a blog, infographic, and so forth, your way of presenting your story is what the audience will flock towards you.

The stories relevant to your brand is something you would need to consider. But what’s in it for the audience? In telling your story, the more your audience can relate to it, the more engagement it can get.

Of course, your stories cannot be just stuck in one direction of stories. For example, you are offering services such as flowers, you might as well include topics about lengthening the life of the flowers, care tips, flower arrangements, different flowers, and their meanings, best bouquets used for occasions and such.

Know your audience

We cannot emphasize more the importance of knowing your audience. Knowing your audience is zooming in to the people that could use your products and services. You cannot sell denture cleaners to teens unless there is a widespread virus that can make teeth fall off.

How do you know your audience?

Talk to them, these days, we may have zoom, Skype and other tools to communicate with your audience. But nothing beats like knowing your local audience too, including families and friends. Pick their brain. Know what they are after, what makes them tick. Creating mini-surveys can come into this category as well as online discussions and looking at your competitor’s audience. Research is the key component in creating Digital Content Strategies.

Another point is creating a persona of your target audience. Based on your research, create a persona of those people that would be interested in your products and services. Knowing your people’s story, goals and intentions will propel you in the right direction.

Know what content to put out

Now here is the time that it all comes together. You already know who your audience is, so what will get them engaged in your digital content?

Brainstorm ideas that can create behavioral change towards your audience. Appealing to their aspirations will give you an authority in your niche. In doing so, you also need to plan. Ideations needs solid and concrete action plans. Create a digital content calendar of your content. Randomly putting out content can lead to confusion and we cannot afford that.

Know your results

After a few months, usually 3-6 months of your content strategy, it is time to evaluate your digital content strategy. Was the goal met? Comparisons of your underperforming content with the one that worked can help you assess what is working or not working.

Rarely can the first digital content strategy works perfectly. You will need patience and an open mind and heart. More likely that it also takes several cycles to master.

Harley James Consulting can help you mobilize your digital content strategy. Using a tactical marketing approach based on research, Harley James is the authority to give you helpful feedbacks by using the free website assessment. Get in touch by email or phone and we are happy to help you to succeed in digital marketing for your business.

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