Should You Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Should you hire a digital marketing consultant? This must be a question that has been plaguing new business owners. As a very important arm of a company, companies often set aside 5% of their annual gross for marketing and advertisement. With that amount, it should not go to waste as this would also improve the whole well being in sales.

A Digital Marketing Consultant identifies the most efficient ways of advertising or marketing companies' products or services using multiple digital technologies. They develop customized digital marketing strategies, suggest improvements to current strategies, and identify opportunities to improve customer engagement. And going back to the question, the answer is yes. You should hire a Digital Marketing Consultants, and here are the reasons.

Keeping up with the latest trend

Digital Marketing Consultant needs to attend various webinars, summits, conferences and other networking events to keep up to the trend and usually, it is their responsibility to continue to add to their learnings at their own expense to keep themselves in business. Using this as an advantage, you know that your business is caught up with the trend, satiating to the audience hunger for the relevant content.

Network of Clients

Usually, a digital marketing consultant has a slew of clients from various businesses. You can trust that a digital marketing consultant would know also of various strategies that are effective depending on the implementation and types of business. Due to their exposure, they would know the pros and cons of various tools and platforms that your company would use and most likely would have better suggestions to improve your marketing tools and processes.

Fresh Insight

Remember the time that you are writing something and you can be staring at a word for too long that you don’t know anymore if it is the correct word to use? What about working on a poster and since you have been working on it too long, you cannot form an opinion if it is aesthetically pleasing or not? Well, it is the same in working with the business. Bringing a consultant can shake up stale ideas and can point out various ideas and anticipate upcoming challenges to the strategy. A consultant can be an asset to a team especially if the marketing team is bound by time and resources.


Building the company’s network is also part of building your company. Many strategists and consultants would usually connect various clients to cross-promote events products and services, maybe even for collaborations or any other needs that both or more clients would benefit from which definitely would greatly benefit the digital marketing consultant’s reputation as well. This is a great way to expand customer reach and gain greater exposure.

Is it worth the hire?

A consultant gets paid for the actual work delivered, and usually on a project basis. A great Digital Marketing Consultant works hard to complete a project or campaign with flying colors at a shorter period than usual. What more, Digital Marketing Consultants have networks for hard to find talents like web designers, virtual assistants, graphic artists, and more. It will be easier for your business to connect rather than spend more time on hiring and look for talents yourself. Harley James Consultancy can help you accelerate your digital marketing game. Using systematic research, Harley James Consultancy will always know what is up with the trend and what works in your digital marketing strategy to help your business to succeed. Call or email Harley James Consultancy today for a free website assessment!

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