SEO & Content Marketing: Why They Need Each Other

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Digital Marketing has been on the rise especially when the pandemic hit and everyone seems to be online. SEO and Content Marketing have been taking the niche by storm to propel your business to succeed and it has come to stay. Digital Marketing already changed the world of how we interact and sell our products and services.

To be a success both in Digital Marketing and with your business, learn to take into consideration the tools you would be using. With SEO and Content Marketing, learning, and honing this specific aspect can also change your views in making business success with your targeted audience. Having the originality and out of the box plans to get your content going is a part of getting your business to grow.

How does SEO and Content Marketing Work?

SEO pertains to the technical method of improving the quality of traffic and bringing maximum visitors to your website. While content marketing is centered on using important and relevant content to make a profitable customer or client action.

SEO without content marketing is like an address without a house or a body without a soul. Specifically, SEO is strategized around content marketing since every website needs words, articles, substance, keywords, etc. To be successful, both must go hand in hand. It’s not as if SEO and content marketing are two different people. SEO and content marketing are like two personalities of the same person.

How Does a Planned Approach in SEO and Content Marketing Give You The Edge

Content must be able to entice and interest your clients as well as answer a particular issue. One can write powerful content by using relevant keywords and targeting visitors. This is the most significant part through which Google decides the significance of a page and ranks a piece of content. The better your target, the higher your rank in the search.

Brainstorming original ideas and embedding the most significant keywords is the key to recognized content.

Keyword approaches are necessary for efficient search engine marketing (SEM). The problem, then, lies in the disconnect between SEO and content marketing. SEO and content marketing are distinguished from one another in several critical areas. And while they have points of differentiation, you still can’t separate the two.

Rather than chase down every point of difference between the two, I want to point out this elemental contrast:

  • SEO is narrower and more technical.

  • Content marketing is more comprehensive and more holistic.

This is how the two converge:

  • The way to apply SEO more broadly is to lead its specific technical efforts into content marketing.

  • The only way to guarantee the achievement of content marketing is to apply SEO techniques in its implementation.

SEO makes demands. Content marketing meets demands. There is no such thing as SEO without content. You need words, articles, substance, keywords, verbiage.

It may be cliche, but true: Content is king!

Here are two takeaways:

1. You are not an SEO unless you’re also a content marketer. You’re not a content marketer unless you’re also an SEO.

2. Your SEO campaign will miss unless you integrate content marketing. Your content marketing campaign will fail unless you integrate SEO.

All in all, a solidly established game plan is what you desire for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Organize your content well and know your specific goals.

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