Paid Search Marketing and You: Getting Started

Advertising used to be less complicated. You pay a slot on TV, a corner on a print publication – that’s it. But as technology evolved, so did the platforms and strategies on paid advertising. Things aren’t so simple anymore. Now - there are paid videos, paid influencers on social media, billboard advertising, and the list keeps growing.

So if you're running a business, you've probably heard of paid search advertising also known as search engine marketing (SEM) or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. However, like most business owners, you’re probably a bit confused about what paid search marketing is and what it can do for your business. This is no fault of your own. Admittedly, it can be a little intimidating.

How Paid Search Marketing Works

Paid search marketing is also known as pay-per-click or PPC. PPC tops as the most utilized search marketing there are. It is also one of the most inexpensive web marketing strategies created to link your ads with those web visitors who are searching what you offer. This means that every time your ad is clicked on, you pay the digital entity who was showing your ad on their web page.

But wait – it’s not cost-efficient when you have to pay all the ad clicks, right? Well, not necessarily. Because your prospective clients will only see the ads that they are looking for; specifically, the products or services that you are providing. And so, with the right analysis and a little bit of tweaking, the paid search marketing will actually end up making you much more than they cost to put.

Think of it this way: You could allot a $2,000 for a display billboard and not get a single lead from it. Those who would see the billboard sign may not have the demand for the products and services that you provide. With paid search marketing, you are aiming people that are actively looking for your products and services online. Wouldn’t it be a smarter choice to spend the $2,000 targeting a market that would most likely convert to a qualified lead?

Paid Search Marketing And Keywords

Keyword research is the first step in any paid search marketing campaign. You can say that keywords are the center of any PPC/ paid search marketing campaign. A keyword is a term that a search engine uses to search for specific Web pages. Bidding on incorrect keywords in paid search marketing is like tossing your advertising budget out the window.

Few important notes in building your keyword list:

  • Relevance. Verify that your keywords suit the text of the landing pages to which you link it to.

  • Narrow it down. This implies that less common keyword phrases which add up to a larger number of visits than the few most common keywords.

  • “Negative keywords” can be a plus. Negative keywords help you to weed out non-relevant search terms for your products and services, so your ads won't appear for those invalid searches.

Need Help In Paid Search Marketing?

If you’re looking for paid search marketing services, Harley James Consulting is here to help. Harley James Consulting is a client-centered digital marketing agency that utilizes comprehensive research-based tactical marketing strategies, tried and tested best practices and real-time analytics. So that you can focus on the more important things for your business.

We know that communication and transparency, as well as results, are important to you and your business. This is why we value your input each step of the way. Partner with us and be part of a long list of highly satisfied clients. Contact us now for a Free Website Assessment!

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