Does Your Company Need Video Content Marketing?

If you are looking for new ways to connect with your customers, video content marketing could be what you need. Video content marketing enables you to produce informational, interesting, enriching, or promotional content to entice and captivate your target audience.

We are living in a time where technology is weaved within the people's lifestyle. People bring smartphones or tablets everywhere thus short video content has risen in popularity and has become the preferred delivery method of marketing messages. May it be for a product, services, and even advocacy.

Most video marketing campaigns begin with a strategy and coordination to build your brand identity and drive your target audience to click that buy button or get your services. Before jumping in, it's important to learn how video production works and why it's necessary and to determine what type of content gets the most user engagement.

1. Controversial video content

These are videos that carry shock value or make people pick sides and usually about controversial topics. It's important to know your audience and their views before making a controversial video. Know what your true message is and keeping it respectful to your audience and sincerity can keep it backfiring.

2. Educational content

These are resource videos that give answers to people's questions. There's an entire group of people who would much rather watch a video that allows them to sit through someone lecturing about a topic. People experience information differently, so it is clever to produce content in various formats so you can influence different members of your audience in the form they prefer.

3. Entertaining content

Emotions play several roles in video content. It can make them laugh, cry, or even become shocked and enraged. The purpose of this type of content is to keep people interested and generate an emotional response.

A great example of this is the marketing of some shows who create short, clips of their series or movies to build interest among their audience to entice their viewers to watch the full show.

Live videos are a different type of social video content that engages consumers globally in real-time. Each of the major social media platforms offers live streaming and live video support.

  • Facebook Live is the live video platform that can create the most traffic for your content. Facebook allows you to produce a marketing message, publish your content, and then track its analytics with the face to video and gives audience engagement in real-time.

  • Instagram Live was created to expand on the social media network's photo-sharing capabilities. Live video on Instagram is part of Instagram Stories, which are video clips that last no longer than 15 seconds before cutting to the next piece of content. Instagram Live is generally used as an extension of a person's or business's photos, providing Q&As, behind-the-scenes insights, and short chats with the audience.

  • The webinar is now a popular method to use where people can stay at home or even anywhere and learn about your products, services, and advocacy. Some are paid as it can give you additional knowledge and certification, while others may be a way to market the products and services while getting audience engagement and leads, as it also collects audience information like email addresses, for future marketing use.

Telling your story is a way to keep your audience engaged. Your business could provide the most compelling ad ever, but it has to be relatable to people so they can identify with what you are offering.

Video content is a great marketing format because it is a way where you can layout the story of your product and services without it being sales pitchy. It also leaves less room for the audience's interpretation of a topic. There should be no uncertainty around the message in a video if the narrative is solid and engaging.

Video content is the most genuine and real-life form of content marketing you can use to relate with your target audience. Harley James Consulting can help you with your website needs to create that engagement you are looking for for your website. With the free website assessment that Harley James provides, you will be able to determine what direction you are looking for in your business, making your message clearer for your target audience. Get your free website assessment and who knows, your business may be the next viral topic on the internet.

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