Are You Doing Digital Marketing Right in Columbia, SC?

Today, innovation has evolved and makes it possible for businesses to communicate like never before with their customers. As a business owner in Columbia, SC, you need to make sure that you’re ahead of the competition. This means you can no longer simply rely on outdated methods of marketing. You need to look beyond and consider how new tactics in digital marketing in Columbia, SC can increase your boundaries.

Reaching the right "marketing" decision may not be easy, but by making that strategic choice, it can make a significant difference in your brand marketing results. If you’re wanting to build your brand in digital marketing in Columbia, SC, you would need to partner with a reputable digital marketing firm. 

Types Of Digital Marketing Strategies

Stepping up your marketing strategies in the realm of digital marketing opens you to several channels to raise brand awareness – social media, video, email, or website marketing avenues.  With so many choices and techniques associated with the spectrum for digital marketing, you can get creative and play with your budget with a range of marketing tactics.

The following are the most frequent types of digital marketing:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Search engine marketing (SEM)

  • Social media marketing (SMM)

  • Content marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Online advertising

  • Landing page marketing

  • Affiliate marketing

Even then, regardless if you generate loads of daily traffic to your website, if they do not convert to leads or sales, they would not contribute to anything. It’s imperative that you need to craft an effective strategy to ensure that the investment you put into your digital marketing campaign should create tangible results to your bottom line.  

Calculating The Success Of Your Digital Marketing Strategies

Are your digital marketing efforts paying off? Are you seeing the ROI? Has your customer base expanded? Are they still loyal to you?

When you have an effective digital marketing campaign in place, you should be able to answer all the above questions. You should be able to measure the effectiveness of your investment…otherwise, you’re not really keeping a tight rein on your organization, and this can equate to loss of money. You want to avoid that by all means necessary. So, how do you measure the success of your digital marketing campaign? 

There are several key performance metrics or KPI’s to measure digital marketing success. These can be summarized into two main fields: Conversions and Website traffic. 

1. Conversions

Conversions are directly related to sales and therefore, profits, and perhaps the most obvious measurement if digital marketing is effective or not. 

The simplest form of measuring conversion is online sales, especially for e-commerce business owners. Using Google Analytics would be an efficient way to track it.

Another way of monitoring conversion is when a web visitor would fill out a form and request for a quote or more information. 

If your website offers live chat for visitors, the number of engagements would be another way of quantifying how well your digital marketing efforts are doing. 

2. Website Traffic

There should be a baseline established on your current campaign before you add any modifications. Do you see an uptick in the overall web traffic since making changes to your marketing campaign? 

Depending on your goals as well as the product cycles of your business, you should take note of any new or returning traffic. If you’re looking to gain new customers, you should be seeing a significant rise in new traffic. On the same note, if you see an existing client clicking on the site several times before buying, you may want to plan a campaign to get people back to the site and test the percentage of traffic returning.

Another scope needing assessment is the average time that users spend on the site. This provides a deeper insight if your web content is engaging or not. The longer they browse through the pages of your site means that they find the content enjoyable.

All in all, you need a solidly constructed game plan for a successful digital marketing campaign. So, plan well and make specific goals. For a free website assessment, contact a Harley James Consultant in Columbia, SC today and learn how we can help you grow your business.

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