5 First Big Steps to Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

Creating a content marketing strategy is not easy. Many elements are going into the work up ahead and you or a team that understands your vision is needed. As we move into a space that having quality content is the leading aspect in making your business grow, content marketing strategy goes into the top of the to-do list that works. Internet searches have been steadily on the rise and will continue to grow as people survive the quarantines and lockdowns in this pandemic.

Even in the non-internet world such as posters and publishing, quality content is the leading factor that attracts buyers, clients, and audiences to give wings to the vision a company wanted to voice out. Strategizing how your story unfolds and your voice be heard is truly something that needs to be planned well and mastered by idea makers in different media.

So here, we prepared for you the steps in creating a content marketing strategy:

1. Set Your Mission and Your Goals.

Setting your mission and your goal from the beginning allows you to know the path where you are headed. This will be the voice that will speak to the audience and how the audience will perceive you. Knowing your objectives from the very beginning creates a very good foundation in establishing your brand and help in curating, creating, and strategizing the way how your business’ brand will be regarded. Outlining your target audience, knowing the type of content you will give your audience and how they will benefit from your offer could immensely help in setting your goals.

With your mission, you may think first about your audience, but it is not wrong to also think about what your business will get from it too. Typical goals may include reduction of marketing costs, gaining more influence, gaining more traffic and the endpoint, of course, is getting more sales.

2. Know Your Audience.

Knowing your audience is the key to creating the content that speaks to them.

Behind this is making sure you get your demographic data for your brand, like age, gender, education, and income. Knowing these kinds of data sets the tone of your business and capture the right voice for your audience and the right presentation.

Google and Social Media Analytics gives you an insight as to the key interests, age group, and gender that may be interested in you. These tools can greatly benefit you in finding the tone of your brand which in turn would help in strategizing your content marketing.

Getting customer feedback and surveys lets you know your position in the market and can further improve your offerings. Getting customer feedback can help your business understand what your gaps and knowing the behavioral motivators can aid you to find what tickles your audience.

3. Figure Out the Best Content Channels.

As you work through your data, you will know where your audience spends most of their time online and where your presence is validated. It is always best to know what’s working and expand from there instead of working on multiple channels where you are just skipped or scrolled up. In figuring out which channel works, you can easily decide the network to get the social media engagement and shares to put your business in traffic.

4. Create a Content Calendar

Get your content scheduled as part of your content marketing strategy. The key is to plan on the date and time where you get most of your engagements that have the best result in making sure that your content is read. You can use tools such as Asana or Trello in plotting your content publishing and releasing it to the world. Getting a content team and creating a workflow if you have a massive amount of content that needs to be released will make it more efficient in delivering your message across.

5. Measure Results

Measuring the results with your goals and targets can measure how successful your content marketing strategy is. Would you need to rethink or redesign some parts of your strategy? Which part is working? Being transparent and accepting the data will deliberately give you growth and understanding as to what needs to be done and will keep you on the trend.

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